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Founded in 1998 as an independent legal entity, Guangdong International Exhibition Engineering Co. Ltd was once a state-owned subsidiary of Guangdong International Trade Exhibition Company under the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce Promotion. The company’s assets include the material warehouse, the production facility and the business building. In addition, it has more than 700 sets of standard and non-standard exhibition stage construction equipments. The company has successfully organized hundreds of stage construction projects for international and domestic exhibitions and projects for conference setting. In ten years it has attracted lots of high-qualified and experienced professionals. In 2005, the company put forward an operating reform, in which its scope of business has been enlarged and developed rapidly. In today’s fiercely competitive market of exhibition engineering, the company has improved its market shares in Guangzhou as well as in the Pearl River Region and in several neighboring provinces, owing to its business principals of engineering quality, good services and reasonable price.

Scope of business: engineering projects and related services for standard or non-standard exhibition stage construction for all kinds of exhibition or conferences, design and construction projects for special decorations, lease of exhibition equipments, loading, unloading and shipping of the commodities for exhibition. 
Service concept: service-oriented, quality-oriented, and customer-oriented
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